Saskatoon weather outlook – June 22

A weekend washout may help make up some our June rainfall deficit.

Weather Advisory for Funnel Clouds

Weather advisory for funnel clouds south of Saskatoon.

SkyTracker Weather

Conditions are favourable for the development of funnel clouds in parts of Saskatchewan today.

A weather advisory for funnel clouds has been issued for the Hanley, Outlook, Watrous, Regina, Moose Jaw, Craik, Coronach, Estevan and Assiniboia areas.

Environment Canada says two or three funnel clouds were reported between Moose Jaw and Moosbank late this morning.

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ChangSha Night Net

There may be some more funnel clouds until about mid-afternoon after which time the atmosphere will stabilize.

These types of funnel clouds are generated by weak rotation under rapidly growing clouds or weak thunderstorms.

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This weak rotation is normally not a danger near the ground. However, there is a chance that this rotation could intensify and become a weak landspout tornado.

Saskatoon Forecast


Compared to areas further south, Saskatoon’s weather is quite calm.

The day began under mostly cloudy skies around 11 degrees before warming up to the mid-20s by noon!

We are expecting mostly to partly cloudy skies to stick around through the rest of the day with temperatures bumping up a few more degrees before the end of the day.


Mostly clear skies will stick around overnight tonight as the mercury falls back into low double digits.


Tomorrow looks like it may start under partly cloudy skies with mostly sunny skies midday before some instability builds up some cumulus clouds in the afternoon.

There is a slight chance of a few thunderstorms north of the city tomorrow afternoon with enhanced lift thanks to an upper disturbance rolling through, but it looks like Saskatoon will remain dry until the evening and overnight period when we may get some showers or thunderstorms rolling through.

Tomorrow looks like another toasty day with temperatures climbing up into the high 20s by afternoon.


There is a chance of showers and thunderstorms possible early Friday morning as a frontal boundary swings through, however we should see clearing to partly cloudy skies and more sunshine through the day.

Our daytime high looks like it may be a degree or so cooler than Thursday, but still into the high 20s.

Weekend Outlook

The weekend looks like a bit of a washout, but we do need to catch up on rainfall totals this month.

June is typically the wettest month of the year with an average of approximately 66 millimetres falling through the month.

So far this June, only 37.7 millimetres have been reported at the Saskatoon airport, and this final weekend of the month looks like it’ll be our last chance at significant rain before the end of the month next Thursday.

An upper low swings through on Saturday, bringing in heavy rain at times with the possibility of some embedded thunderstorms as well.

Rain moves in associated with an upper low that’ll keep Saskatoon cloudy and wet this weekend.

SkyTracker Weather

The rain looks to linger into Sunday before clearing out of the area.

Winds will be strong both days with sustained speeds upwards of 40 km/h and gusts upwards of 60 km/h possible.

Temperatures will also remain cool, in the mid-to-high teens Saturday in the rain before possibly topping out in the low 20s on Sunday depending when the precipitation clears out.

This Your Saskatchewan photo of the strawberry moon was taken just north of Regina by Darcy Conn:

June 22: This Your Saskatchewan photo of the strawberry moon was taken just north of Regina by Darcy Conn.

Darcy Conn / Viewer Submitted

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