Saskatoon dress distress: women pay it forward to help out brides-to-be

Brides from all over Saskatchewan have been left without a dress and a massive headache on their hands.

On Tuesday, Champagne Bridal on 21st Street East in Saskatoon suddenly closed its doors in the wake of angry brides-to-be sounding the alarm to others the week before.

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When Global News received reports of all these wedding dress woes, we went to the location looking for answers after the two brides we spoke to said they were given the runaround about delivery of their wedding gowns as their big day crept closer.

“Are you closing for business? No, we’ll get back to you OK,” said Lynn, co-owner of Champagne Bridal.

WATCH BELOW: Brides-to-be question whether dresses will arrive in time

Four days later, a “notice of distress” was tacked to the business’ door and the Champagne Bridal is no longer.

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    According to Gilbert Dobroskay of Remax Guardian Commercial who penned the distress letter, the company owed more than $18,000 to its landlord in rent.

    Over the phone, Dobrosky told Global News he was able to go in and retrieve a few items, they were assisting one bride in getting her wedding gown and were just waiting for legal instructions from their attorneys in an effort to help out as many brides-to-be in the same position.

    On Tuesday afternoon, even the owners of Champagne Bridal admitted in a Facebook post that they got in over their heads but never intended to cause anyone any stress.

    They also advised brides to contact the manufacturer of their wedding gowns and make arrangements with them for delivery.

    “They need to understand what they did to people. I know there are going to be worse things to come, I just know it and I hope they’re prepared for it,” said Robyn Santa, a bride-to-be from Moose Jaw, Sask.

    Santa says the manufacturer she’s trying to work with won’t release her dress or her bridesmaids dresses unless it’s through one of its retailers and that there are 16 other dresses in their care that they are holding.

    Other brides left in limbo saying they’re having more luck negotiating with dressmakers.

    “I did talk to the designer this morning and she’s shipping UPS so she said I should have it in about four days,” Lisa Heucert said.

    That was only after having to pay for her dream dress – twice.

    “I haven’t got my money back from MasterCard so I did have to pay her but it was significantly less than what I would have paid Champagne or what I did pay I guess.”

    Heucert has also started a Facebook page called Champagne Bridal Customers as a way for brides to connect and the next thing you know, dress offers started flooding in for brides immediately.

    “Brides are stressed out enough and that’s when things are going perfectly I can imagine the stress when something like this happens,” said Alexis Turgeon, who is offering her dress for free.

    “My dress was sitting in my closet and I’m like – I’m not using it and if this is going to help someone’s big day, why not.”

    It’s a heartwarming gesture that should ease some heartache for a bride-to-be.

    “It brought joy to me on my wedding day and I’m just hoping that I can pay it forward to somebody and I think it will be a great dress for someone.”

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