Saskatchewan hunting guide, American hunters fined for illegal hunting

A Saskatchewan hunting guide and two American hunters have been fined a total of $9,800 for illegally hunting in the province.

An investigation into the trio started in November 2015 after a conservation officer stopped them in the Grand Chevlot Pasture, north of Payton, for a compliance check.

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    The officer found that the hunting guide, George Keewatin, was only authorized to provide guiding services on the Mosquito First Nation.

    The nearest Mosquito First Nation land was more than 70 kilometres away.

    The hunters had deer licences that were only valid on First Nations reserve land.

    “This type of activity hinders other outfitters who are following the rules,” said Ken Aube from the Ministry of Environment.

    “Our laws to manage outfitting, outfitter allocations and areas are designed to provide effective management of wildlife populations to ensure hunting opportunities are available now and into the future.”

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    Keewatin, who is from Kamsack, pleaded guilty to guiding without a licence and was fined $7,000.

    The two hunters paid a voluntary fine of $1,400 each and were given a one-year hunting suspension.

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